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High Pitch Squeel


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After 30 odd min of driving i get a high pitch squeel from the driver side wheel

At first i assumed it is the brakes or discs as they were worn

Pads and discs have now been changed

Once the car is warm it will start squeeling from 10mph onwards

The backing plate has also been checked for tolerance

Regardless of applying the brakes or turning left/right the squeel will remain

The wheel has been checked for any movement/play, wheel bearing seems fine

This sound is very annoying

Any idea's or advise would be appriciated, thanks in advance

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Hi , i had the same thing . an annoying squeal from front drivers wheel . so i decided to take out pads to copper grease the back of them . then i found out i had a seized slide pin and a seized bottom piston on the caliper , put it back together while i wait on the new pins , i haven't had any squeal for a couple of days .

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Hi mate,

I've been experiencing the same squealing noise for the last few months with it gradually getting louder. Anyway, today I have had a front drivers side wheel bearing replaced and the squeal is gone! My mechanic and I came to the conclusion that it simply must be a bearing as we had discounted everything else. The removed bearing was surprisingly well loaded with grease but obviously was worn in some way. I also had none of the usual worn wheel bearing symptoms like a low down rumbling noise that you can sometimes feel / hear.

See this thread for some background on my noise

Got the bearing off eBay for £50 which was the cheapest one going. Was an NSK bearing so good quality.

Hope this helps,


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