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Es300 Windom


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Hi just spent some time on the site looking in sub forums I never go into and come across the Es300 windom..

What a weird looking Lexus... The back end of a ls400... The front of a soarer... And maybe a little gs300 in the middle.. Maybe a baby sporty ls400 variant .?

Does anyone know what countries they were sold in ? I've never seen one in england but quiet like it.


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The ES range was sold along side the LS range when Lexus first debuted in the US. It is still part of the US Lexus range and has always been based on the Camry. I think the first model was known as the ES 250.

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In japan the ES was formally known as windom before the lexus brand was introduced there. based on camry and confusingly one point a few different camry's was sold in japan at same time one of them was called 'camry prominent' that shard the same style and body panels as the windom as well as sold alongside it, in the 90s this was before toyota and other jap brands decided to downsized the range, you know get rid of chaser, cresta and sprinter models etc. the es was also sold in Asia, aus/nz, despite being built in japan the es now isnt made in right hand drive anymore or sold in places that drive on the left anymore like aus, hong kong japan etc...shame really

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