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Ls 460 Issues Over Old400?

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Finally got the supposed "Dream Car"....07 460 SE L with only 10.000 miles on...I have a knock on front right suspension...rattling glove box ...and the car sometimes seems to steer itself while braking....tyres are good pressures etc...but badly cracked and perished....but plenty of tread...also the motor is much noisier when ticking over...sounds like my friends 300C diesel when sitting in traffic...not what you would exspect at old 200.000 mile 400 is much quieter in all situations....including wind almost can't hear it at idle when warm...

Also the 460s brakes seem very unpredictable...come on too much or too little and bad to judge...the old 400 is effortless to drive in comparison....all in all I am very disapointed...

I fell in Love with the 400 after a drive in a friends and bought my own within a few weeks...and have done some 80.000 miles in her...and I think is the much better car...MUCH BETTER car...

I am doing the only logical thing now I have bought it...

and having the car checked over at the Lex dealers soon...and valve spring recall done which takes a week..[ engine out job }replacing the tyres etc...I will give the car a good chance...but will not be selling my 400 until I have had this 460 a few more weeks....I have already done aroung 400 miles...and I was glad to get back in the 400 today to be honest....

Sorry lads. :unsure:

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sorry to hear your tales of woe, I trained a Lexus mechanic last year (Im a hgv driving instructor) he told me then the ls400 mark 4 was the best car Lexus has produced, there was no budget set for development. If you find you are really dissapointed maybe you should go for a mint low miles mark4. I cant see how the ls 460 could be worse & hope they sort it out for you best of luck Mark

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Very interesting to hear your views. I've gone the other way around, that is from an '08 LS460 SE-L to a '95 LS400.... don't ask why, just needing to be a lot more prudent at the moment. And while I certainly wouldn't say the 460 was a bad car, the 400 really doesn't feel much different when your in it. Especially when you consider I paid £38000 for one and the £1400 for the other. I'd say the new car was about the same in terms of noise but the many geared auto box was quite annoying as it was constantly changing gear and not always judging very well which one you were better being in.

If i could still afford the 460 would i rather have one??..... of course I would :P . It looked super cool with fantastic presence on the road and I loved all the toys. Auto parking was daft but I miss ventilated seats in the summer and the heated steering wheel in the winter

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