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For the first time in 12 years a fuse has blown, for the indicators/hazard warning. Does anyone carry a set of spare fuses and where's a good place to get them? TIA

It's a brown 7.5A but the fuse lid says 10A, which is right?

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If it's the 'TURN-HAZ' fuse then the manual agrees with the fusebox lid saying it's a 10A fuse.

Some locations in fusebox marked as 'spare' so maybe one of those held a 7.5A which was used as a fix before.

Perhaps you'll find a 10A fuse to use in one of the 'spare' positions.

Failing that plenty of fuses from pretty much any car / bike spares shop, DIY store etc etc.

How about getting a selection pack of various values and populate the spare locations with them for possible future use.


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Thanks. I got the manual out but all it said was read the lid for fuse ratings. I looked online for a set of fuses but none of them had 7.5A, just 5,10, 15 etc. I've had it since new so unless the garage swapped a fuse? Would have to happen when everything's shut. I'll try tomorrow. cheers.


Tues; Garage said to use 10A. Got a pack of 10 assorted Hilka car fuses from the High street for a quid but decided to use one of the spares to keep the bubble pack sealed. It just fits inside the fuse box lid snugly.

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