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Dmf Problem


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This weekend I purchased a 2002 IS200 Sport with 65k on the clock.

I've noticed a couple of issues with it so far, which from searching on this forum could be related to the DMF.

1) Changing from 1st to 2nd gear and 2nd to 3rd gear can be quite clunky and a bit notchy. It's less of a problem if I change gear slowly.

2) When pulling off I get a slight judder. This doesn't happen if I rev it higher when pulling off.

3) When driving slowly in lows gears at low revs the car is jerky as if it's misfiring. It's fine if I drive it flat out though.

Does this sound like problems with the DMF?

I do have a 3-month warranty with the car but I imagine it would be fairly difficult to get them to make a big repair like this when it hasn't completely failed.

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After driving it this morning it seems much worse in the cold. Doesn't matter if I accelerate fast or slow, it's jerky until the revs get higher.

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