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Down To A P1320 Dtc Code... Opinions?


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First off, I want to thank everyone here who has posted over the years. The advice others offered, along with pics, gave me confidence to move forward on my own. I have been very fortunate not to experience issues with my 2000 model ES300 (purchased new and pampered) until several months ago when the check engine/Trac Off lights came on.... intermittently. No problems with the engine. I assumed it was Traction Control sensor gone bad. Finally, the light came on, started blinking and the engine started shuddering.

I checked the codes and had a P0301 and a P0301 intermittent. So, based on that, I proceeded to purchase new plugs, platinum, pre-gapped. removed the manifold and checked everything, replacing the plugs. Since the error code related to #1, I moved the ignition coil forward to #4 in case that was determined to be the problem. Put everything back together and then restarted the engine. Ran fairly clean, with just a little bit of vibration that it hadn't exhibited previously. The CEL/Trac Off lights were still flashing. I erased the codes and then re-scanned. The flashing CEL stopped, but it stayed on.

I rescanned, and this time it gave me an error code of P1320, which is a Lexus code for Igniter Circuit Malfunction (No. 5). Now previously, I did not get this error code. The first set of error codes went away, now this. My first inclination is to replace the ignition coil at #5, but something tells me that may not be the issue since it was previously NOT manifested in the error codes I had received before changing the plugs and moving Ignitor Coil #1 to #4.

Any opinions or suggestions. Thanks in advance to all for recommendations or suggestions. Special thanks go out in advance to all who actually KNOW what the issue is!! :winky:

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