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Hi All..


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Names Chris and I currently reside in Crawley near Gatwick Airport. Been browsing the site for months now but thought I'd wait till I got my Lexus to introduce myself.

Like I say, just got a new car so thought would be good opertunity to join up on here and get involved!

Not found a 'Readers Rides' as such and will take the slapped wrists if Admin tells me otherwise..

Had circa 30 cars in 13 years and have just made my latest purchase which I've been waiting for since February!..


My long awaited arrival of the Lexus happened on Saturday!

IS200 Sport (2000), 145,000 on the clock.




1st things 1st, new grill and a 5 hour detail (Exterior only). Has been washed and polished regularly all its life but still amazing how much a good clay session gets off and it also now uber smooth!






So far plans are;

Aero Bumper and Wheels like so it looks like this;


Then new rear shocks

panel filter

front and rear strut brace

Amp and sub (stock system is awesome but i'd like a bit more deep/ low bass)

Do more research into what I can do without going ott!

Not going to go crazy but would like to make a few tweeks without spending £££.

I've seen someone else mention IS300 cat back system, removing inards of pre cats but not sure what benefit that gives?

Any suggestions welcome?!?!

Look forward to speaking with you all soon.


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Hello Chris and a warm welcome to the LOC,nice looking IS you have there,I bought my LS in 2005 and it's the longest I've ever kept a car,just can't find anything better except a newer model maybe.

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Well few months have passed. Updates and change to plans.

Rear arches repaired

Sub and amp fitted to stock head unit

Front TRD Splitter fitted

K&N fitted

Denzo plugs

Refurbed stock rims (same as currently fitted) on order

Caliper decals ready to be fitted when calipers painted.

7mm shims ready to go on, need new studs

4x Falken 452's fitted.

Need to get 40mm lowering springs

Find some mesh for the bottom of the bumper to match the grill mesh.

Get it booked in at WIM.

This it is with splitter.







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