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hi all just a word on mpg as it is now more than gold (cannot wait for the advert ..put your unwanted unleaded in an envelope and send to.....)

i have just put a pair of fuel savers (magnets ) on my sc and its gone from 19 ave to 24.4 . on a run down bypass 12 miles to home comp read 30.9 at 70 mph then on to my estate (not private)... ;)

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Did you stick the magnets under the right hand pedal by any chance?

Sorry I'm sceptical but intrigued could you remove them and recheck the MPG as a control test,also why 2 magnets?

Given your figures that's a remarkable 25% increase.

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hi my mechanic put them on the fuel pipe close to the inj rail

he runs a jtd alfa and his figure has gone to 62 mpg . if they dont work (which i cannot see )you can use them to hold items together .i.e kids drawings on the fridge :lol:

we have just had a pack turn up and we are selling them fitted 60 pounds for 2 (knowledge cost etc etc ) u use 1 for small eng 2 for over 2 ltrs and 2 for diesel up to 5ltr

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