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Front End Creaks

Crazy Harry

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Appologies if this has been covered before, but does anyone know a cure for the creaks and groans that originate from the front end when turning at low speed ?, forwards or reverse. I have tried liberally coating all the suspension and anti-roll bar bushes in WD40, made no differance at all. Help!!

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I don't know if my problem (IS250) is the same as yours but I get quite loud "cracking" noises from the front when manoevering at low speeds - i.e. in or out of a parking space.

My local garage has fixed the problem once and explained that the ?brake shims? become degreased and stick and it's these freeing themselves that make the cracking.

The last time they re-greased the offending items it worked for about 6 months but has started again and I am taking my car for a check this evening

as it is quite off putting!

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Fantastic, ive had this problem for a while now, after reading this post, I decided to take the pads and shims off and coat them in copper grease, and no more noise, thanks all.

Out of interest, I went into Lexus tonbridge wells for the problem and they said all was ok!.

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