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Fallen In Love With Driving Again :)

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been so helpful and positive when I've asked daft questions.

Your persuasion that I would not regret buying a 400 has proved to be absolutely spot on. I have to admit I haven't got round to all the little jobs that need doing as you tend to have to stop driving the damn thing to work on it! :blink:

I can honestly say, having driven many cars in my life right up to a Bentley (Wasn't mine), that I have never felt so relaxed whilst driving before. Its official I have actually fallen in love with driving again :)

Thanks to you all.

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Like you, I've driven all sorts from RR and Bentley and humungous Mercedes and quite frankly, the LS400 is just so understated and the most wonderful car to drive.

I really wouldn't know what other car I would wish to take on a long journey from the position of comfort and reliability and ease of driving with utter confidence.


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Well: in absolute situation, a Citroen C6 would be as smooth. But not as responsive maybe.

I'm thinking of selling my lovely car, mainly because I don't use it enough and someone else might cherish it and value it as I do, but also DRIVE it! (Just got it out of Winter hibernation)

BUT...... each time I drive it, I remember just WHY I have it!

Lovely to cruise in!

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I don't use mine much either - only for long journeys (which I haven't done any of recently) - and I must admit that every few days I open the garage door and just look it sitting there, enjoying a relaxing retirement, and think what an amazing car it is for how little I paid for it. And that's without even driving the thing... When I do that, I love it even more. Maybe I'd feel the same about a big BMW or Mercedes if I'd never had that sort of car before, but I doubt it.

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"Maybe I'd feel the same about a big BMW or Mercedes if I'd never had that sort of car before, but I doubt it"

I didn't!

Switched to my first LS400 (Ser 3) after a BMW 850 (V-12, etc!). Used to be forever fixing 'little' things, at £500 a time!

LOOKED swish; went like a train. But the Lex goes nearly as quick and SOOOO much more reliable!

So? Should I be selling?

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Chris..... that's really a dopey question ...... you know full well that you shouldn't be selling it !

I'm surprised that the BMW only cost you £500 squid a pop ... the Bentley / RR / Jag / big Merc would ALWAYS cost more for silly things too.

The LS400, well, does much really ever go wrong!


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I too have had lots of other cars including about 5, 7 series BMW's, which until I got my LS400, I thought were the best big car (on a sensible budget) now I know, I was wrong.

I keep getting the urge to sell my LS due to escalating fuel costs, but I just come back to, "no other car will drive like it does" and my family (including my dad) keep pointing this out to me.

So again, I'm back to keeping the LS whilst I save up for an LS430 / 460 / 600.

In short my LS has 215,000 miles on the clock and drives better than a 7 series with a third of that.

When I'm out in it, the power, silence and ride remind me why I keep it.



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