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Faulty O2 Sensor Question


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as i said in another thread im getting these codes

P0135 Oxygen sensor heater malfunction circuit bank 1, sensor 1

P0141 Oxygen sensor heater malfunction circuit bank 1, sensor 2

P0155 Oxygen sensor heater malfunction circuit bank 2, sensor 1

bit funny she threw up for 3 sensors that have the loom in the engine bay yet bank2 sensor 2 which has sits loom seperate up through the floor isnt mentioned, maybe i have damage in the loom? or would these sensors use a common earth for the heater circuit?

or maybe 3 are just knackered on the off chance,

anyone roughly know wat resistance values i should find if i unplug the sensors and ring the heater circuit wires out?

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going by the wiring diagrm these 3 sensors do share a common earth, my guess is someones had a poke about when they have decated or changed the throttle body or i have a nipped wire somewhere in that area, will get a good look tomorrow see if i can source the problem

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diconnected the 3 sensors in the engine bay and all 3 are getting an earth, my 02 sensors all have 4 wires, 2 black one white and one blue, when i rang out the 2 black wires bank 2 sensor was the only one that didnt show open circuit/high resistance, also on the off chance i checked the Vvti filter, was blocked so gave it a good thinners bath, hard to say if it made a difference as when i get her up to speed the management light comes on due to the o2 sensors, only think i aint checked yet is if the sensors age getting power yet

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