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Is 200 Lexus 2001 Cd Backlights Not Working

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Hi everyone,

Can someone assist me here?

I am guessing it's a fuse problem BUT unsure. Basically when I turn the headlights on and the interior lights all come on in the dash, the only ones that do not illuminate are the lights/buttons/knobs on the CD player. However the backlit light / display light does??

Has anyone else had this problem? I have had the car a while and it's the first time I have noticed this!! IE It could have stopped working a few days or even a week ago but I have not used my car much and have not really noticed as I have not done loads of night driving. (Also - the car on my profile pic is not mine now ....will chane it soon!)

Thanks a lot and help greatly appreciated.


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It's more likely that the bulbs themselves have gone - if it was a fuse surely the whole unit would have failed?

If you happen to be VERY handy with a soldering iron it's possible to get into the unit and replace the bulbs, otherwise I'd say it'd be easier to change the unit for another one (eBay is pretty cheap for these kind of things, just make sure the one you get isn't suffering from ERR3).

Or of course live with it :)

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