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Drilled/slotted Brake Discs

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Hi everyone - I am considering buying some drilled and slotted brake disks (from the USA). Just wondering if anyone has any experience of these as I have read somewhere that they can be noisy. Do they actually improve braking prerformance? Thanks.

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I bought and fitted these

and love them. I think they have made a huge difference in stopping power. Mind you I also rebuilt the calipers which were in a pretty bad state so that has likely contributed.

I imagine shipping discs from the US would be expensive?

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Thanks for the reply.

Shipping costs are £48.45 but the price of the discs and pads is reasonable so I think it is worth it.

Did you notice any difference in the noise? I cannot really see why there should be much difference but like I say I have read somewhere they are a bit noisier.


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