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Is200 - Replacement Radiator Core Sizes (16Mm Or 27Mm)


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Hi Everyone,

I recently had to get the radiator replaced in my X Reg Lexus IS200 (Auto), so I started looking for a cheaper option than the Lexus OEM part (costs approx £260 inc VAT).

The original one fitted in the Lexus is one with a 27mm core size.

I read all the threads about the replacement rads and where to get them from, and found that 99% of the aftermarket/non-OEM ones from online radiator sellers and ebay have 16mm cores.

I decided to order the 16mm one after speaking to a few radiator seller sites who assured me that it should have no issue being fitted instead of the 27mm and that you'll notice no difference. Also the 16mm core version was only £90, saving me a huge amount of money.

However the garage that I have my car at weren't happy about fitting a non 'like for like' part saying that because the 16mm core is thinner it is less thermally efficient. I needed my car back ASAP so I signed a waiver saying I would be responsible if the thinner core caused overheating etc. and not the garage.

Waiting on the car being repaired at the moment.

Anyone know whether there is actually a real difference between the 2 core sizes in terms of performance? And why there are so few 27mm core non-OEM rads available?

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No, £260 is just the price quoted from Lexus for the original radiator part alone. Garage quoted £142 for the labour.

If I got the garage to do everything (labour and part) they quoted £420! With me sourcing the rad, and garage labour, it comes to around £260 total.

I was more just annoyed that the garage wouldn't fit the part without causing a fuss about it being different (even thought they admitted that physically it fits perfectly).

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To follow up:

Had the radiator installed the other day, and it's been running perfectly for the last 2 days.

Mechanic said that since it seems to provide the same performance as the 27mm core, that possibly Toyota 'over engineered' the original core, and that this 16mm one should perform fine under normal driving conditions. Or that maybe the 16mm core is a 'revision' developed to save on manufaturing costs. All makes sense to me, either way, problem solved!

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