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Some Bits Needed

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OK my is200 not had for long can anyone recommend some replacement parts ? i want a new key fob case, switches still working perfect but the key fob case seen better days, would you recommend ebay like this one:

replacement key pad case it may not be OEM! or would you recommend OEM from lexus ?

And lastly rather than starting new topic, locking wheel nuts, mine are rusted and looks bad next to the refurbished wheels, newly painted hubs and calipers, couldnt find any on ebay could you believe it!! unless i was searching it wrongly the only ones came up was the the 60 degree tapered ones, despite saying 'fits lexus is gs etc' the description says 'a must for aftermarket wheels' 'it might fit oem wheels' and one replied say 'not sure' if yours is flat surfeced then wont fit, i checked it you guess it oem locking wheel nuts are flat surfaced! any suggestions?

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I had the same problem - bought mine for £28 from Lexus..

Drop ACLex a PM and see what he can offer.....

Although any of the 'flat seated' Toyota Locking wheel nuts should work - just bought some for my Celica that will fit the Lexus

Hope this helps :)

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