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Gs300 (2000W) Stereo Options

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Hi All

Newbie here in search of some of your wisdom if possible please.

I am new to the Lexus scene and have just bought myself a 2000 W GS300 3.0 SE Auto, I love it the only problem with it is that the stereo display does not work properly.

I was hoping that I could replace this with a aftermarket double din stereo that I can use my ipod with. After reading a few of the topics on here I'm not sure but I think my GS will have an ampifier fitted along with the cd autochanger in the glovebox.

My question is are the amplifiers standard or do I need to search for it to see if I have one? and do I need to bypass it with an 'Amplifier By-Pass ISO Adaptor Lead' and if so do I fit this adaptor then simply just buy a double din head unit and plug into the iso it that straight forward or am I missing something important (you will have to bear with me I am also new to fitting stereo's too lol!!) I have seen one or two of these adaptors on ebay but am unsure if its the right thing;

any help would be greatly appriciated

Many thanks

P.S. The Double din facia I saw on ebay was;

Will this fit if I take my current stereo out too?

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I have fitted a double din touchscreen in my '99 Sport. The fascia adaptor looks very much like the one you linked to. You may be lucky with bypass leads as you have a 2000 car. There seems to be more wiring adaptors available for 2000 on. Both links you posted don't seem to specify which Lexus they are on about, but the first one is worth a shot I would think. You will also need an iso adaptor for the head unit end of things as well, not just the amp. I bought a couple of different cables, which in combo gave me the hook ins to the factory harnesses with out having to cut anything off. I did have to adapt things in between the various cables I bought though. I installed a parrot handsfree kit at the same time but if the head unit you go for already has it built in then it wouldn't be an additional job to do with the wiring. Whilst I was at it, I also installed my Vibe active sub in the boot and put a reversing camera in. I'm happy with it all so far.

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