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Hi all

Car 220d seems to have delveoped a stutter when pulling away in first gear. It happens for a small moment but the whole car shakes and is quite anoyying in town driving as have to stop so many times. Sopke to friends and every one has different suggestion. Some say it is a wheel alighment problem, others say it hints to blocked fuel filter and others suggest blocked injectors. I personally feel it might have to do something with the clutch or gear box.

Has some one experianced this problem before, and any suggestions for me please?


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I'd start with bit more revs when pulling away.

more revs help, but the stutter turns into a quick vibration. but it's still there. i think its time to get it checked out by garage. thanks

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Shepherd, can you let us know how your visit to the garage goes?

I have a similar problem, only mine occurs after 30 mins of driving. It judders when pulling away, and higher revs gives me that feeling of the entire front end of my car jumping.

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My issue was a flywheel problem. It's an expensive routine but it nailed the problem. At least for a while I won't have to worry about spending £2,000 in one blow again.

Again, Lexus and their rapier labouring.


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mine went away by itself. may have been a lousy fuel or something like that. i recently (and much after the stutter problem had gone away) got the egr valve cleaned and fuel filter changed + regular service. change of fuel filter was 2 weeks after all other work had been carried out and the difference between old and new fuel filter on the drive of the car is amazing. its much smoother after new fuel filter

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