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Firstly let me apologise to any members in the west country for the bad weather it's my fault!

I'm told by my mates that when I left Plymouth some years back the weather improved significantly for the better, bloody cheek of it!

Anyway the LS was a joy to drive down here and only used half tank which is better than I expected.

I love this car, I'm sure it's got some noises it shouldn't have under the bonnet which might just be my imagination but until I get the chance to compare it with another LS I will never know for sure. I will have keep an eye out for some meets in the north west unless there is one in the Devon or Cornwall this week.

Fingers crossed god realises my air con doesn't work and allows the sun to come out again, failing that your weather should better from next Saturday.

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I know what you mean about the weather I lived in Plymouth for 12 or so years and it's always done it own thing.

I'm up at asda and it's bright hot and sunny but blowing a gail at the same time lol.

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Met Pete today as he called in on his way back 'oop north!

He was very happy camper! Another LS convert certainly!

Assuming he got back through the weekenders to Warrington!

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Hi Chris it was nice to meet you yesterday it was good to have a chat and get a comparison of engine sounds etc makes life easier.

We got back to sunny/raining/sunny/raining/thunderstorm/raining/sunny (cant make its mind up!) Warrington with no problems and still half a tank of petrol left, what great cars these LS's are.

Definately a convert and cant really see what other car I could get after having an LS.

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