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Hi All,

Last week I picked up my IS220d from a Lexus dealer. When initially it was viewed, I have spotted some sort of dirt on the passenger seat which they have assured me that it would go when it gets valeted.

When I picked it up, it was there and the dealer said that the material was a little bit damaged and they could not do anything about it. Furthermore, the Tray in the boot was damaged. They said they couldn't source the tray on its own and they have to purchase the boot tray plus whatever comes with it which would have cost them £££s.

I appreciate some help with regards to the above. I have been searching for Boot Tray but it doesn't seem i could find one.

What is your recommendation on the above.

Thanks in advance.


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I managed to crack the boot tray by putting to much weight in the middle - stupid really - however the dealer quoted me about £250 for this - I politely declined ! Id just put it in for its four year service so wasnt feeling like spending further megabucks..will have to make do. However if they damaged yours while in their care they should replace it whatever..


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I only discovered the damage when I collected the car after I purchased it.

Now they saying it was my fault for not complaining on the day. Of course I didn't realise that once I put more weight it would increase the crack as that time.

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