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How Have You Modified Your Sport Grille For Your Non-Sport Car?

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I drive an SE, so decided to remove the Sport emblem from my grille. Now I have a thin black plate to deal with. I'm thinking of getting a metal TRD badge, which should sit over the plate and cover it nicely. And I've yet to decide whether to remove the larger Lexus 'L' from the centre of the grille... What have others done? Need some ideas :)

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Rather than risk damage to the original mesh by removing the moulded sport badge, I changed the entire mesh and attached a small Lexus Logo (from a centre cap)


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If your worried bout trying to make the S / SE look like a sport model dont worry youre not, these sport grilles from lexus were never fitted as standard on sport models there option on all is200 models so not sure why there is a sport badge in first place ! sport model doesnt bother me though although a friend years ago changed the 'sport' badge to a 'altezza' one just to be different !fits perfectly as these grilles in japan are same but with 'altezza' badge on and minus the lexus badge in middle ;)

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Having stared at my grille for a short while whilst squinting and imagining various ideas, I've decided to go for the TRD badge and remove the centre 'L'.

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When you guys are replacing the mesh on the grille, which kind are you using ?

I've tried some stainless mesh which was ok but I wanted it black.

Then got black mesh which looked good but soon black was getting chipped away looking a bit tatty again.

So got some mesh enamelled in black which enamellers said would last and has a bit better but suffering again now.

I just want original sport grille mesh but without the little panel bit where the sport emblem goes.

Can remove the sport emblem ok but fiddly to remove the little panel bit it's fixed on.

Seems that's attached to the mesh then the whole lot is dunk coated.

Anyone know of a black plastic mesh that's sturdy enough for this use anywhere ?

Bit fussy I know :lookaround: Comes with age I guess :rolleyes:


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How much are these grilles from a lexus main dealer? Can only really find one on ebay, and thats just short of 50 quid delivered from USA

Got mine from lexus birmingham off the bay. see here other colours are available £48 delivered.

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I went with an "Ltuned" emblem - they come up on US ebay now and again for a fortune but I was able to get a set very cheap from Aus. ebay.


That colour is awesome.

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