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Driving Licence

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Not happy with the DVLA as just received a form to renew my photograph on my licence for the sum of £20.00.

For those who can remember many years ago (1977 for me) once you passed your driving test you exchanged your pink provisional to a green full licence.

Now at the time the fee was just £5.00 BUT this was a one off payment and covered you until you reached 70 years old.

The photo driving licence was introduced and once you changed address you were then forced to replace the "green until 70" licence for a photo licence and pay for the privilage even though you paid your £5.00 in good faith.

Now I have to pay yet again to replace the photograph.

I don't like being ripped off,to me it's like paying your gas bill and then being billed again for the same charge and being forced to pay it.

That's my rant.

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It used to be a nice little book but I cant remember why mine was changed to the green paper licence although I think that was due to a change of address. Fortunately mine is valid until my 70th birthday. My wife has the photo licence and had to renew recently. The charge by DVLA of £20 is further increased by the cost of the photo (£4) and the postage.

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Well I had the old green one upto a few weeks back but had to change address which was free but have now got the new photo type :angry: which I dont like, yes I can remember the little red book ha ha and I have still got it as i can remember when they changed from the little red book to the green they gave you your old red book back, but they didnt send my old green one back this time

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