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Hi all,

I am in the market for a new (second hand) car and I am quite taken by a Lexus 220D. However to fit in with my budget I would be purchasing a high mileage vehicle, 120K + most likely an 06-07 plate.

For those of you with 220D's with that kind of mileage on the clocks, have you had any trouble at all? If so what?

Providing the car has a full service history and is in good condition, sounds healthy etc would you purchase a car with such a high mileage?

For my own use, I will only be adding about 6000 miles a year to the vehicle.

Many thanks for your help,

All the best,

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Pretty much the same agenda for me when I looked at 220D's. I average 4-6 K miles a year so that will bring the average spread down over a cuple of years or so. For this type of engine with 90-100,000 on the clock I viewed the car as 'nicely run in'. My car was an 07 with 96 on the clock in under 3years (pretty much all motorway)and a fully stamped up Lexus Service History. Mine had 6 service stamps in under 3 years.

Let's not kid ourselves, there has been some issues with this engine. Lexus have done a lot of repairs/renewals under warranty. You want to find out from Lexus what has been done on the car you are viewing. Give them the 'reg and they should be able to spill all the beans to you. Have a good read of the section regarding 'Blown Head Gasket'. My own experiences are posted here as are others. See here,

You will see Lexus have extended the warranty coverage on this event to 110,000 miles or 7 years.

Honestly, I still really like the car and the mpg for me is damned good. Sure, if you welly it, you will drink fuel at an alarming rate but thats what turbos do! The vans at work are just the same. I find the car a pleasure to drive, the seats are great (mate with BMW is jealous of my comfort),if there are rattles its from what I have put in side pockets etc. The stereo is blisteringly good and its a joy to drive on a journey, and noise levels are very low inside the cab.

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