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Changing The Grill On The Is250


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I have been looking around to change the grill on my IS250 SE-L but couldn't find anything that I wanted. Alot of the American sites that sell updated grills are ....well......awful, all tend to have far too much chrome going on. Those on Ebay I just kept coming across were knock offs either plain or carbon which looked okay, but after I contacted a guy in the US who had bought one and then forwarded me some pics, decided it was not for me.

I like the grill on the IS-F and Ahmed's grill thread where he managed to make a grill fit from an IS-F was just what I was looking for, and so started to look around for an original IS-F grill. That's when came across this grill on Ebay US, specifically made for the IS250 manufactured by Konzept Automobiltechnik and taken from the IS-F style......Perfect!

The quality is quite good and actually better than I expected, the only thing was that I wanted to use Carbon inserts and so the front section had to be made solid or the insets would not fit into the "L" emblem, hence my work so far below.

This is the IS-F style grill for the IS250 the quality is pretty good, obviously copied from the IS-F original and molded into the IS250 fitting.


With the removeable "L" piece, I would say because of the way it has been molded the "L" piece is seperate. If you were using this with the OEM standard "L" emblem you would need to glue this piece in place, but it is a good fitting.


3mm plasic sheet from Ebay to make the centre piece.


Shaped centre piece, filed and sanded with wet and dry, quite easy to do.


Glued in place with two part epoxy resin, ready for filler.


Filler started, more to do then more sanding etc.


In primer after a few rounds of filling & sanding.


Ready for Satin Black and "L" emblem.


Carbon inserts.


After a few coats of Satin Black.




So I bought the Black Pearl emblems and have to say they really are nice, here is the finished grill with the carbon inserts, just need to fit it now and then change the rear emblems to match.

Black Pearl







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Thaks for those that took time to comment. All parts come via Ebay USA.

Here is the grill, Ebay USA:

ISF Style Grill For IS250

Or how about changing the comlete front and rear bumpers:

ISF Style Front & Rear Bumpers

And here are the Black Pearl emblems........not cheap!

Black Pearl Emblems

Note the front and rear "L" emblems are a slight different size, as I wanted the grill solid to take the carbon inserts, and in the process of making it solid reduces the diameter, the emblem on the grill is actually a rear emblem. Hence when I ordered my set of emblems I had to make sure I had the correct sizes that I needed.


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