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Is220D Gears Rattling


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Hello, i have just picked up an 06 plate IS220 with 20k on the clock. Car seems to have been well looked after and has been fully serviced.

My only concern is that when changing from 1st to second gear there's a rattle but going through any other gear's is fine. Tyring to explain what the rattle sounded most like, (forgive me for this) you know when you hear the chain pull a cart up at the beginning of a rollercoaster, its like that or a loose chain on a motorbike. Best way i can explain it sorry.

It's not so bad i couldnt live with it, but am just wondering if this was a charectaristic of the car or if not, should i be worried about it?

Thank's in advance for any advice.


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That's the clutch release mechanism not working correctly. Seems to be very common and not fixable by the numpties at Lexus or Toyota UK. Mine used to be pretty bad and caused gear crunching but I have adjusted it myself - the Lexus and Toyota Techs tell you it's not adjustable, but it is. I have detailed it elsewhere.

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You really need a manual as it is easier to do it after you take out the kneebags etc., but it is not impossible to do it with everything in-situ.

You need to get on your back and inspect the clutch mechanism. Mine had the specified tolerance of freeplay, but I adjusted it out as I would rather it release fully and vibrate than not vibrate and not release fully. I added a couple of washers to the connectors which seemed to have too much freeplay too (white plastic connector/stop) - the pedal is at an angle and so it seemed to me that too much freeplay would have a catapult effect.

This helped a bit but I noticed that smooth changes were not helped by the pedal arrangement - High clutch, medium brake and low accelerator, especially as you sit slight skewed due to the offset pedals (RWD). Therefore I decided to lower the clutch pedal stop height to the min amount so that it just a wee bit higher than the brake pedal.

I have these two adjustments to greatly alleviate the gear change problems I experienced.

I have yet to change the MTF to AMSOIL GL4 (gearchange is better in the warm, look at the leaver ball/socket as there is a lot of freeplay there too and check out the release bearing shaft on the gearbox which the Americans have a solution for. All this should have been done by my Lexus dealer of the local Toyota dealer where I bought it of course, but they are really stupid, in which case they really shouldn't be selling/servicing cars or they are liars.







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