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220D Problem At High Revs

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hello, i have a problem with my is220d

year 2006, is220d se

i;ve done a search and cant find an answer.

The problem started happening a while back on and off, when i put car in first gear and put foot to the floor the car jerks around 3-4000 revs wont go higher without jerking badly

This happens in second gear aswell. I think it might happen in all gears but its just noticable in first and second because it revs up high easier.

The problem now happens all the time, when i put the foot down the car jerks and wont rev higher, have to change gear.

I did a search there and seen a problem about carbon building up on the cat etc,

Just wondering has anyone else experienced this problem or know a solution.


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Hi we bought an 08 lexus is220d only a few weeks ago had it for a couple of days and noticed the same problem you've mentioned it has since spent the last 10 days back at the garage having a new engine block due to potential exhaust gas egr valve block due to carbon build up. Excuses given "supermarket fuel" replacement of block due to caution as lexus recognise a fault but they're not sure what it is. Apparently lexus have extended the warranty to 7 years or 118000 miles but have not made this official!!!

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