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No Master Key?

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I purchased my car recently with only 1 key- albeit a master key, bought a 2nd but it wouldnt code to the car.

The car was taken to Lexus Guildford for coding where I was told that my master key was actually a sub key and that they couldnt code my spare key.

They did however give me the details of an auto locksmith who said that he could copy the key so it would be a spare, but neither would be the master key. The cost of this was £105 plus vat.

Although that was better than nothing, it still meant that if I needed another key coding it would be another £105 plus vat...

I had a look around where I work and found one literally round the corner from me in Gatwick and had a chat with him yesterday and booked it in for this morning.

The result??

I now have 2 coded master keys, with the spare also programmed for door unlocking as well.

The cost??

£150 inc.vat.. The imobiliser was removed and reflashed so that it recognised both keys as Master keys. He went through and showed me that the car actually had 5 keys coded for it!!

Anyway, its all sorted, for a relatively small amount- especially if you take into account people and dealers saying you need new keys and an ECU- you dont. you just need a decent auto locksmith who knows what they are doing...

For anyone who wants his details- he's Gatwick based but is mobile (and I guess the price charged would reflect that?)


Gatwick Auto Locksmiths, Kelvin Way, Crawley, RH10 9SE

01293 536377

Can thoroughly recomend them, they did a superb job- even if I do have to go back tomorrow as I was £10 short..

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