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Changed My Is220D Sport For A...

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... Lexus IS-F B) Its been almost 2 months with the car (I wanted to write something earlier here but have had no time), and have to say the car is incredible (first performance car I have ever owned). Here are sort of the advantages and disadvantages compared to the IS220d:


- Needless to say, Performance :hehe: !

- The engine noise is incredibly addictive, IMO sounds better than an R8 V8 I've sat on.

- Automatic gearbox is very comfortable, and a joy to use in manual mode.

- Leather seats are very comfortable

- Get adaptive cruise control as standard


- Fuel obviously. I used to do 27 MPG pure town driving on my IS220d, now I get 18 MPG. On the motorway it has gone down from 37 MPG to 30 MPG. As I don't do a lot of mileage, its not that big issue for me.

- Insurance cost doubled :crying:

- Tax cost doubled :crying:

- Servicing cost doubled :crying:

- The IS-F ride is firmer, although its never harsh.

Overall got a good deal (I have yet to see an IS-F being sold for cheaper by a Lexus dealer) and went for it. I would have otherwise kept the IS220d, as it was a very good car and very reliable over the 3 years I had it from new.

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Congratulations mate, they're lovely cars :)

Did you buy the one at Lexus Woodford by any chance? If so that was on at a very good price :winky:


I saw that one, but in the end got a better deal with another dealer.

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I saw that one, but in the end got a better deal with another dealer.

Good stuff, that was very cheap so if you got a better deal than that you did very well indeed :whistling:

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