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Crazy Instrument Cluster!

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Hi all, long time since my last problem and i was just saying to a friend how reliable my IS200 is and bang, a really confusing problem!

Car was started as normal this morning and the dash was lit up like a christmas tree, oil level light was on, handrake light was on even with the handbrake off, rear bulb out light on. MPG guage not working, Rev counter not working and Battery voltage waving around. (well that's my friday the 13th off to a flying start!) other than that mixed bag the car is running fine.

What i have done: Checked all bulbs, lights etc, No faults found

Checked oil level. Perfect.

Checked all fuses, No faults found.

Hooked up fault code reader, No faults found

Changed the Battery (Its been 6 years so probanly due a new one!)

Reset the ECU (using the efi and etcs? fuses).

All this with no joy, do any of you lexus geniuses have any clue as to what is going on? dont really want to take it to dealer as it isnt a very urgent problem and looks like a challenge!

Cheers in advance for any help you can give.

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Well, Problem sorted. thought it was alarm related as the alarm had gone off a few days ago randomly. Locked the car using the key fob, waited a few minutes then opened the car with the key and set the alarm off. disabled the alarm with the fob then relocked the car. all working fine again!

Phew! Hope this helps someone in future. (think the alarm may have gone off due to the dodgy old Battery so i'm sure that a new one helped!)

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Did this start after a recent downpour by any chance?

It could be your fuse/junction, could have got water in it coming in via the window screen and run down the cable through the gromet. I would check all the plugs in the plugs/sockets checking for signs of corrision. This is a common problem, which i suffered from myself, it affect the lights on my dashboard like you have described, it also affected my alarm, the headlights kept coming on and staying on. Iam sure if you do a search about headlights staying you'll find a few threads about this.

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