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Loss Of Battery Power


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I have also been concerned about Battery drain while standing unused. The other day I measured the 'dark current', i.e. the current drain while parked, and it was 32mA. This is presumably accounted for by the alarm and other things which are always on. After a very rough calculation on this it would seem that the Battery would be completely flat in around 2 months. I now give the Battery a charge every week if the car has not been used.

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I had an issue with my Battery yesterday which LED to me sticking it on the Optimate overnight. It's now fully charged but the Optimate is giving me the 'weak' LED which makes me think the Battery is gunna need replacing. I suspect it's the original factory fitted one, on my 52 plate IS200, so I suoppose it's had a good innings as they say.

There are lots of different prices coming up on the net, does anyone have any particular Battery I should avoid if I am after longevity, or will anything fit the bill as long aas it's the correct fitment? I'm not particularly flush right now as I've just had the cambelt done, taxed it and have the mot being done tomorrow, so any savings will be welcomed - without buying the cheapest one and having to replace it again in a year's time, obviously.

Any suggestions etc?

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Its a coincidence that this post has come up as through no fault of my own i havent been able to drive my IS for exactly 2 months today but i went out to start it up today and the Battery hasnt even got enough in it to start it up. gutted!

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