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Im doing a full suspension component change, but i've yet to buy the upper wishbones/arms for the front of my 1996 mk3...

Wheres a good place to buy them? I hear lexus want £350 each which is outta my price range, theres some on ebay @ 2 for £99, which im dubious about

So do you guys have any recomendations for a quality front upper wishbone at a reasonable price?


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so far I can see that you can buy the arms off ebay from the following sellers:






so who has had dealings with any of them with your wishbones?

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I owned a 1998 MK4 LS400 (complete with the DHP suspension and alloy upgrade) and swapped out the entire front suspension earlier last year. I bought the upper arms from "" - parts were of good quality and the mechanic I used had no complaints about them.

I also bought lower arms from a scrap dealer and had the bushes replaced with a set from "". These parts are not OEM (!) and the process required to push out the old bushes is a nightmare, so you need a patient mechanic with a decent hydraulic press who can figure out how to puch out the old ones. Make a note of the direction and placement of the bushes as they do have an alignment setting.

Ball joints were from the USA - off eBay and OEM. Feel the quality (!)

The one thing I didn't do was replace the shocks and am kicking myself today for not doing that - I am convinced in hindsight that the handling issues were caused by uneven shock pressures. Taking a corner on the motorway at speed would make the car feel like it wasn't sure if it was going to bother turning - better described as tramming where it feels like the car is riding in grooves. Also, uneven road surfaces would send the car bouncing badly from side to side.

I experienced problems with the DHP tyres catching on the wheel arches after the upgrade - I think the wheel alignment calibration provided by Lexus does not account for the larger rims so you will need a company who can work manually on the tracking to get the alignment spot on. Be prepared to spend a lot more on this if you do have the DHP wheels and shocks.

Anyhow, I sold that car last year and now have an LS460 - different beast altogether, but I still loved the LS400 - just next time I wouldn't bother with the DHP. Definitely a MK4 though.

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