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Are There Any Other Lexus Forums?


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I'd be interested to find out as there must be more members & owners/ information out there somewhere?

I recently posted a couple of questions; one had 95 views and the other over 100, any replies....?

No, none at all...

I'd also posted up a definative answer to missing master keys, again plenty of views, but any comments, no none at all.

I know as an internet forum you get out what you put in, but if this is the net result, is there any point?


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There's another Japanese car forum (mainly set up by some IS200 owners) that was set up a few years ago, so I guess that's where you'll find most of the knowledge and answers to your questions.

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not quite true Kam, theres lots of info on this forum, any question anyone has i can be sure has been asked on here in the past sometimes not everyone is on here all the time

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Mat is right, there is a lot of info on this site if you can find your way round the search functionality; but a lot of the more active members moved on a while back as kam said.

There's also, which , although it's american can be good for info as well...

I've seen the LS owners talking about as well.

Think the RX owners are pretty much boned though, if what they want/need isn't found here - don't think there are other forums for them (AFAIK)...

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Hi J

You might want to try is US based but I'm sure they would be able to help questions or queries you may have, is another but I'm not on a member so don't know if it's any good or not



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