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Aftermarket Radio Advice

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Hi all,

just thought id share this with ye, went into my local Halfords store today as i looking at getting a double din unit to replace the standard CD/Radio anyway seen this sony one i liked so asked the lad at counter how much it would cost for them to install it,told him what car i had and his response was "Ah Jaysus not going near that,thats far too messy". . . . .

Anyway does anyone know of a place that would supply and fit a unit in dublin or surrounding areas.Was thinking i might try do it myself but im sure il end up doing it wrong!! Any advice/help would be welcomed.

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I don't think halford's are suppost to turn customers away, which is what has basically happened, could be worth talking to the store manager. On the other hand going somewhere else could save you a fair bit of cash.

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You can do it yourself easy enough... I managed it and I struggle to work out which end of the screwdriver to hold...

for an IS200 Sport you need an amplifier bypass cable as well as the fascia. The standard amplifier is bolted to the car behind the glovebox,all you need do is get at the back of the amp, connect the white plug from there to the bypass lead, run the lead to the back of the stereo and plug in your stereo's ISO outputs to the bypass lead. Job done.

Seriously - If I can manage it - anyone can.

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