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Improved My Notchy Gearbox !


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As you know all is200s have the notchy/whiny gearbox so i decided to change my gear oil for motul racing 300v . no change over the standard oil really so i decided to use what the nissan skyline boys use as did i when i had mine , redline mt90 .

Its taken a good 50-100 mile to bed in as i call it but it has made a massive improvement espec when warmed up a bit , no more notchy 2nd . the whine is still there in 1st and 2nd but seems to be getting quieter . from cold first thing its much better then it was , still slightly notchy but not at all clunky if you get me and once warmed up (couple of miles) the gear changes are smooth and much improved . i was gonna go for redline first time but the vw/audi boys get good results with the motul so i gave it a go but no different .

Will keep you updated once ive done 500ish miles to see if its improved anymore and let you know but it feels like a different box has been fitted just from changing to the redline oil !

Also this is not a sales pitch but i got 4 bottles of it, each bottle is 950ml (american)and the lexus takes 2litres so you really need 3 bottles which is a pain as you will only use 100ml from the 3rd bottle and at just over 17pound a bottle works out expensive and a waste of the 3rd bottle!

I took mine out for a good run to get the oil hot before i drained it and i drained around 1.8litres from it . i only needed 2bottles of the redline to refill which is 1.9litres , so there is either a bit more then the 950ml in each bottle or there is still some oil which is not fully drained from the box but i only needed to use 2 bottles . i am selling the other 2 seeled bottles in the for sale section on here and if no interest i will stick them on ebay . im asking only 30pound for both bottles inc delivery . if interested please see for sale section . thought id give you guys first dibs before ebay .

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sorry cant post on for sale as im not a gold member , didnt realise ! if mods allow me i will update this later with contact number if interested but will wait for mods say so first , thanks

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I don't know how many times I've recommended Red Line MT-90 for the 6MT but it is the best oil for this gear box by far. Everyone should be running it.

I only used two bottles when I did mine as well. You wont regret putting it in.

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