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Rain Sensor - Gel Pad

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I need to install the rain sensor gel pad that goes between the sensor and the windscreen. The previous owner replaced the windscreen and did not put the gel pad in place, so the rain sensors are not working.

I know how to remove the sensor from behind the rear view mirror, but how do you exactly apply it? Do I just place the gel pad on top of the sensor and then re-attach the sensor, or do I place the gel pad against the windscreen first and then re-attach the sensor?

I would appreciate if anyone who has done it before could help me with instructions.

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Never mind, just fitted it. It was easy, just stick the gel pad onto the windscreen, then re-attach the sensor and make sure it is pressed hard against the windscreen so there are no bubbles visible from outside. Rain sensor working again ;) Well happy since Lexus wanted £180 for parts & labour to fix it :o ! I only spent £18 plus delivery for the gel pad. I can only imagine to justify such price they couldn't order the gel pad alone and they had to order a whole brand new rain sensor.

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