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Engine Rattle


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Hi, I just bought my is200 yesterday and I already noticed a problem. At 1500rpm there seems to be a rattle coming from the engine. I slowly built up the revs to about 5000rpm and there was no more sign of it although it died out slowly as I built it up. Im a bit worried because I dont know what it is and wont know how much it will cost. My car is a 2000 model is200 with 82000 miles on it. Can anyone help me please? Thanks

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I'm getting a similar issue with my Y reg, only 65k on the clock. The rattle is intermittent, sounds quite tappety but not too sure on the origin, it can happen when the lump is hot or cold so I know this doesn't effect it. I had a bit of a poke around the engine bay and all covers appear to be secure. Fortunately it's booked for a full service on Monday so I'll get them to check it out then (providing it happens when it's in the shop, sod's law it won't).

Thanks for the advice on the pulleys/belts I'll have a look and get back next week if I find anything.

Only brought the car July 2010 and haven't noticed it until last month (May 2011), (Prob driving like a tw*t so didn't notice)



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I put my is200 into a garage which I've not used before for a service & MOT. I mentioned the rattle to them and guess what! They've fixed it.... It turns out it was a slightly loose Battery cover! I though't I'd checked everywhere, even had a few garages look at it over the last year.

After all that hassle and worry.... Hopefully yours will be something as trivial as that too!



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