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More Ls460 Queries From Newbie...

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Had the car about 3 weeks now and wonder if anyone can answer initial queries. It's a November 2006 SE-L

- the satnav allows you to input destinations etc on the move, but the DVD won't show on the front screen unless parked up...can that be overridden?

- same for the telephone , only seems to allow speed dial on the move, despite letting you play with the satnav to your hearts content...Why?

- some slight wind noise from drivers side window....hmm

- gearbox seems very confused, sluggish when you floor it compared to my 2002 GS430. Looking at another thread it sounds like I should leave it in Sport mode?

- when you stop the engine it kills the radio, Bluetooth connection.... everything ....very annoying. Is there any way to modify that?

- is there a volume adjustment for the DVD player when using the headphones other than the knob on the headphones themselves? It's a bit quiet on the move if you have radio playing for the front passengers

These probably sound like silly problems...I guess with a car as fabulous overall it's a question of seeking perfection! All help much appreciated!


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It is I believe illegal for a driver to be able to view the TV?DVD screen whilst the vehicle is in motion so I doubt there will be a dealer option to remove this,same goes for the phone setup.

Wind noise could be a door seal if under warranty see what the dealer makes of it.

There have been reports of the 8 speed transmision not knowing which gear to select and others have suggested using the sport mode,it has also been mentioned that the transmision is adaptive to the driver's style of driving and it takes a while to do this.

Radio etc I would think should remain on with engine off maybe again a dealer programmable option.

Not sure about the DVD volume adjustment but if you would like to swop your 460 with my 400 for a couple of months I work it out for you! :D

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Hi Steve and first of all welcome to the LOC.

You must have an upgraded Satnav disc to allow imput on the move. Only the latest discs allow this. As Steve says, watching the DVD screen in motion is not a good idea. Don't know about the legality but it surely would be dangerous. Lexus will not do it. There are a few videos on Youtube showing how to change settings but I've always been a bit wary. I'd hate to pay the bill for Lexus to reset all the screen settings.

Shouldn't be wind noise, these cars are very quiet, worth checking out.

Much heavier car than your GS. Acceleration might seem slower but I'm sure you will get used to it. Why buy a luxury car like ours and drive in Sports mode?

When you stop the engine with the gear selector in P it will switch everything off. If you stop the engine with the gear selector in any other position than P it will switch to ACC leaving radio, satnav, Bluetooth, etc. on

Have just been out to try my headphones. Wearing the headphones, turned fully up, I had the radio volume at 20 and could only hear the headphones. Not sure if it's anything to do with the settings for the speakers. Go to AUDIO. touch SOUND and have a play with the front and rear settings.

This is my 4th Lex in 7 years and 99% of the time if something goes amiss it is more probably us not knowing what we're doing rather than these very sophisticated pieces of engineering going wrong.

Enjoy your new ''baby''. Nice to have more 460 owners in the club

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Thanks Steve & Graham for info. Guess i should be happy that the satnav allows new destinations on the move, so I'll stop fussing over the DVD not playing...just thought it would give me something to do while the car drives itself using it's adaptive cruise control and lane assist and...well I was starting to feel a bit redundant! Graham thanks for the tip about switching off not in Park - very useful to know that as I keep embarrassing myself by cutting my phone calls off when I park up! :) and yes it feels a lot heavier than my GS so I'll forgive it a slight loss of power advantage. Overall I so impressed with the LS though, and I'm struggling to find fault with how they've designed it. Boot is a bit small though innit?

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