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I have recently bought a set of LED DRL units from another car. Each DRL unit has 3 LED lights inside and each unit has a label that says its 12v 6.5A.

To me 6.5A for 3 LED's seems very high. At 12V thats something like 80W. I've been told that the DRL unit is powered by some kind of mini computer/ballast. I have a variable DC mains adaptor that gives me from 3V to 14V at 300mA. I plugged the DC adaptor onto the DRL unit and it seems to work fine. It even works as low as 3V and at the highest of 14V and the LED's dont even go dim. My only concern is damaging the DRL unit. I am no expert in electronics and I do not want to damage the DRL units. Can anyone tell me if I provide less amps to the unit rather than more amps, is it likely to damage the unit?

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