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Anyone Know Where I Can Get 66.1Mm To 60.1Mm Spigot Rings?

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I've put a deposit down on a set of super rare, super lightweight alloys imported from Japan to put on the IS200, but i have a problem. The centre bore is 66.1mm Nissan spec, and i need 60.1mm for the lexus. However, i can't seem to find any spigot rings that will fit. I can find 67.1mm to 60.1mm, but these will be too big. Can i buy a set and get 1mm machined off? If so, should i be going for metal ones?

Only other option is getting a set custom made :(

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Cheers for the replies

Jay - The ones you have listed are 67.1, not 66.1

Steve - Can't enter 66.1 or 60.1 into that website, they are not options unfortunately

Looks like i'll have to go custom. I know a company who can make them, but they'll be £19.99 a set

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Yes I also entered your dimensions and found the same but lower down they say they can supply for any wheels and car,having said that £19.99 is not bad for a custom set.Are they metal or plastic for that price? Also post up a picture of the wheels when you have them.

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