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Is200 Turbo & Greddy Ultimate Help...


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Hi guys,

ive just popped a turbo engine in my is200 (gte internals) and i got the ultimate ecu with it. it was mapped before, in fact i think a guy here owned it...

Anyhow, its all up and running but wondered if anyone has a map i can look at as i am getting an issue where im getting missfires (p1300's)after a little time of driving. im gonna pop some new plugs in, swap coil packs etc, but wanted to take a look at another map if poss.

im all cool with mapping, i do lots (i specialise in evo tuning) but i dont use the ultimate so wanted to see how this map compares to another.

thanks in advance :D

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well. just for future reference if anyone else needs help with simlar probs...

fitted a new set of correct plugs today, reset ecu, all seemed good, until a few miles down the road, then it started to miss and got progressively worse as before. i found the only way to get it to run better was to unplug the lambda sensors which are in the collector on the cast exhaust manifold.

i noticed when a changed the plugs the rear 3 were rich and the front 3 not so much. i plugged in the OBDII scanner and noticed the fuel trims were waaay out of whack! then i twigged i'd been a dumbass and plugged the 2 lambdas into the wrong plugs, so ecu thought the rear 3 were going lean and adding fuel when it was the front 3 going lean, and the problem just got worse as the ecu tried to correct itself!

touch wood, alls ok now and it runs lovely. will get some miles on it then start tuning!

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