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Is200 Coil Packs On The Way Out

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Afternoon All,

I think the coilpacks on my 2001 IS200 are about to go..When i started the car this morning it was a bit 'lumpy' ,mis firing and lacked power until it warmed up after which it was fine.

It's done 68k so I guess it was inevitable. So...i don't have any diagnostic equipment , is there any way of working out which coil packs need replacing (i understand they go in pairs).

If I can't work it out it's a trip to Lexus Bristol to get it sorted.

Cheers all


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It may be the coil packs but it may not. If the car runs normally the rest of the time it could have something to do with fuelling when the engine is cold. I would try a good independent to check it out. Could save you a bit on Lexus rates. In the old days your symptom would sound like an auto choke not setting.

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