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Power Windows 2005 Lexus Gs300 Se-L

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Hi Guys

had my Battery replaced a month ago, just tried the power windows

and only the driver's side is working. It says in the manual to reset

them to press the button until halfway down then up and hold for 1 sec.

It won't start to go down. It also says you can use the key to operate

the windows but my car does not have a keyhole in the door.

Any help on this matter would be really appreciated!



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You can open / close all the windows using the key-fob. Press and hold door open on the fob, after a few seconds all the windows will open, hold fob lock to close. To reset I think you open each window fully and hold open for a few seconds, not sure though.

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On Mercedes the windows are re-initialised by moving the window all the way to the bottom holding the button only on the first click until all the way down but continue to hold the button for 10 secs, then move the window all the way closed and hold the button in for 10 secs again.. make sure you only use the button on the first click (manual adjustment). This sequence worked fine for my sunroof and now works perfectly!

Give it try... for the sakes of 20 secs :)



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