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Seibon Bonnet


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So I bought a carbon bonnet from Seibon mid may and it arrived yesterday, I fitted it fine with the help of a few washers as the new bonnet threads are 10mm compared to the original 13mm(if i remember). The problem being is the lovely people at the Seibon production line obviously have given no thought to what this bonnet should have. Firstly the holes for the washer jets are ridicoulsy too small, I mean who really wants to dive in with a file on a new £550 bonnet to make them bigger? But their generic responce to it; jump in there and file them to fit i mean really? i paid 550 ffing pound and you cant be arsed to get the holes the right size? How about you just mold the god damn holes bigger? Secondly for the guys who have an is200 you'll know that the bonnet stay doesnt sit in the usual place on top of the wing, but attaches to the the actual underside of the bonnet. Yep you guessed it no holes to reattach the plastic holding mount so how do they expect me to resolve this? well im paraphrasing but basically find it out yourself... I can safely say I will not be using Seibon again i've bought carbon products before from lesser named suppliers and been much more satisfied. This post is a heads up for any interested and also if anyone can think of a way I can attach the bonnet stay and think of a washer jet that will fit as i really do not want to file my bonnet.



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nice i had a look actually dude, did a little search and saw a thread where you posted the pics of yours thats eaxactly what im looking for so im going to order them from Figs, just ashame its american means a longer delivery time i would think

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