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2Jz-Gte Vacuum Pipes/lines?


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(edit, this is a 2jzge enigne not a gte) hi there guys, im new to this forum and would like your help. recently i changed the intake manifold gasket. putting it all back together now and im a little stuck on where all those vacuum pipes/lines go on the intake side of the engine. my brain has stopped working and i can't remember where they go/come from. i know some of them but not all. i should of noted them all down but i didnt so it my own fault :duh: i've taken a few pictures (not the best) and highlighted the ones im stuck on. so i would appirecate any help given help on where they go and/or a few pictures please. thankyou


sorry bad pictures. the one on bottom of screen is the long one that runs along the inner wheel arch.

the arrow is indicating that it comes from that



the blues circles in this one are the one i know of (i think :lol: )

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Do you mean the 2JZ-GTE, or the 2JZ-GE? I don't think the GS came with the GTE engine, only the Aristo twin turbo (and Supra's of course).

If you do mean GE, then the pics below may help a tad. Although from what I remember, when I took all that gubbins off mine when I had a mk1 (I don't have it anymore), once the throttle body is offered up, the pipes tend to make more sense when they are all to hand, and roughly pointing to where they naturally go.





from a yank motor, but they may be the same on the whole.

If we are lucky, someone who has a mk1 might go and do a couple of pics.

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thanks for that. yeah i ment the GE engine. ive got most of them sorted just a few little ones. the EGR valve has two pipes coming off it, one goes to egr vaccum mudulator but whats the other. and there a small metal pipe coming off inlet near next to egr whats this one?

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got it all back together now. it was pretty straight forwrd really once i put the throttle in place as like you said they all matched up to the pipe/places they go to. dont know why i didnt do that in first place. :whistling: thanks

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