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I have been here before but it was quite a few years ago when I owned a GS300. To cut my running costs I moved over to Hybrid and have owned two Toyota Prius's over the past seven years so I guess I'm a Hybrid enthusiast. As it was nearing time to replace my current Prius, I decided to look at the Lexus ct200h as an alternative to another Prius. I had read several offputting reviews, but decided to see for myself, and after a good look and test drive I decided the ct200h was for me. My local dealer had one in the showroom which met my requirements, a silver S-I fitted with Sat Nav and DAB radio options, so I negotiated a very satisfactory part ex deal and signed on the dotted line. I will be picking it up in a few days.

Interestingly the car has other items fitted which are not part of the S-I spec, including electric door mirrors, electrochromatic rear view mirror and smart key entry. I queried this with the salesman and he told me that some early models had been wrongly spec'd in the factory. These additional items are not costing me any extra, so I'm not complaining.

So i'll be loitering around the ct200 forum for a while now that I'm back with Lexus.


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