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Advice Required For Rx300

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HI everyone,

I am new to the forum having just purchased a 2002 RX300. It has done 140000 miles and runs great and has got a gas conversion done at 63000 miles in 2005.

It does however have one or two issues which I would like some advice on if possible.

The back box on the exhaust has become seperated from the pipe. I have a friend who can repair exhausts and he can repair this one, but it is old and I wouldnt be surprised if its the original. My question is where is best to purchase service parts for my RX300? In particular has anyone any idea of cost of a stainless exhaust? I am in Manchester but dont mind travelling.

My Lexus has got new lexus wheels on it, i have the old ones which are corroded not kerbed, i was thinking of powder coating them to match the body colour. Has anyone any advice on this?

My car has the screen and buttons for a sat nav but there isnt one fitted, is it possible to get a built in system from somewhere, are they pre wired so only the hardwear is needed? Any knowledge would be appreciated.

Finally my aircon doesnt work. When the button is pressed the yellow light comes on, the engine tone changes momentarily then reverts to normal and the yellow light flashes? Do i need to regas or is it something more serious?

Hope I havnt bored you all, any replies will be greatly received. Cheers Eric

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