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It's raining out, but I realised I still haven't taken any pics of the car.

Bought in December for £1000, I've spent about £1300 since in wheels, tyres, lights, and getting the cambelt done.

Also racked up 7000 miles in 6 months. Who cares about fuel costs! :shifty:



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Love it, love the silver over grey don't see many with that combination, love the stance, but most of all love the rims !!! Very nice looking 400


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Nanking, huh?

How's the ride now? I'd guess harder, but I suppose not everyone wants just to cruise like me!

Not a fan of most wheels, but they are pretty flash! Look like the doors of the Safes that Banks used to use!. BIG spin-offs?

Have fun! :winky:

P.S. Try the chrome grille additions (plastic, but LOOK fine) That'd make the front look more 'of a piece' and match the wheels. I did my Ser 3 to good effect.

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Picked up the Meister-R coilovers from ACLex last weekend, and fitted them on Sunday.

Let the suspension settle for a week, and now adjusted up to my preferred ride height.

There is LOADS of adjustment left in these. The front platform haven't even been moved from the highest setting, the the lower mounts are only about 50% of the way down. The rears have the inserts all the way in, and there's still 50 turns of adjustment left in the platforms.



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A very fine example of the LS 400, and one of the more popular colours that people chose, me being one of them.

Look after her and she will look after you :winky:


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