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Anyone Else Going To Rhinefield House This Month?

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Hi everyone, I'm sure just like me you are probably on the Lexus mailing list and get invited to all sorts of things but I just wondered if anyone on here will be going to Rhinefield house either on the 27th or 28th of this month. It's a little event where you can test drive up to three models from the Lexus range and get a BLT and some orange juice too by the looks of things!

I've booked up and my dad an I will be testing the CT200H, the 2011 IS250 and the 2011 ISF! To be honest if it wasn't for the chance to drive the ISF I might not have gone but it should be a fun day and I want another test drive in the IS250 as I've been thinking about replacing my beloved IS200.

Anyway just wondered who was going!



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i went to the Queensferry event in Edinburgh last week and i had a great day out. Once you register you get the opportunity to drive the whole range, trouble is you are 'escorted' when driving the ISF! Still, tried the LS, CT200 RX450 and GS400 and IS 250 cabriolet. Food was a bit sparse but to date no sales pressure.... Enjoy what will be a great day out.


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