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V5 Problems


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I am selling my Soarer and I am now having MAJOR problems due to the V5 having some major errors.

For a start it has NO MODEL??? It is showing as a lexus but the model is blank.

The purchaser is having trouble insuring it because it is showing on their database as a four door manual Lexus !!!!!!

I have contacted the DVLA and they are saying that it is not a problem, all I have to do is to contact the owners club and ask them to confirm the details.

any idea please how I do that?

I suspect that there will be more problems too, the chassis number on the V5 starts with U2231 and not UZZ31 !!!!!!

How can a V5 be so wrong? The car has been on the uk roads since 1997!!!!!!!!

But any help on how I can get the right model on the V5 would be gratefuly received.

Would anyone in the club be able to offer "official" confirmation of the model??? what would I have t show them to get this? A photo of the car? The chassis number would normally do but as I say, this is wrong too.


Steve B

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is the chassis number on any of the MOT certs correct? when I got my V5 back after a plate change it had the wrong reg on, I just went to my local DVLA office (trafford) and took as much correct info as I could, and they just did me a new v5 on the spot, no faffing at all

I know theres numerous errors on yours, but if the MOT cert details are correct i'd just go into your local dvla office like I did, unless of course you have had the car for years in which case I suspect the MOT details will also be incorrect matching the V5

How much older paperwork do you have?

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Hi Rory,

Thanks for that.

The guy who was buying the car managed to get his insurance sorted out with another company, apparently when he did the comparison on the web many of the companies had problems with the model, but others were ok (probably used a different "database")

So the panic is over.

He is going to contact the DVLA and get it sorted.

The information abput being able to go to a local DVLA is very helpful.


Steve B

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