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Rx300 Shaking At 40 And 80Mph


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im new to the forum and as you will be able to tell not very savi when it comes to cars.

A little bit of history

back in Feb this year my sixth cylinder lost compression and i was advised that the engine had what is know as black death (full of sludge) and that i should replace the engine. I managed to obtain a used engine and had it fitted at our local garage. after approx 3 weeks i changed the front drivers tyre and had the car balanced. i then went on a 100 mile round journey which was the longest it had been on since the engine was fitted, and noticed on the return leg a slight shaking in the car when i hit 80mph. i didnt give this much thought i just thought the road was slightly uneven and slowed down and the shaking went away.

the next day i was only doing a local journey although the car was warm but then it started shaking at 40mph. if i carried on accelerating the shaking went away. i took the car back to the tyre garage and had all the wheels balanced and aligned and ruled out that the issue could be a mishaped tyre or balancing etc. i have also been back to the garage where the engine was fitted to check suspension and bearings etc but they could not find a problem.

i have noticed that the shaking only starts when accelerating and if i ease off the gas it stops. also if i am going up a hill the shaking starts at a lower speed and down hill it starts at a higher speed so its like when there is strain on the engine the more it struggles.

has anyone any thoughts what this could be?

ps the shaking is not in the steering wheel it is just through the car.

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