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Lexus Is220D Car Battery

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hi all,

In had to get a new Battery more my IS220D as the last one died very suddenly on me.

After purchasing and fitting a new Battery I have experienced problems with the windows not going up and down with the controls on the driver side.

However the worst problem was when I left work yesterday. I went out to the car yesterday and the car would not open with the key fob.

I had to manually open the door by taking a bit of the drivers side door handle and taking the key apart and opening it manually.

Once in the car the alarm was able to be turned off with the key fob and the car started no problem

Has anyone experienced similar issues after changing a Battery?

is it a case the windows and alarm need to be reset after a Battery change??

I seem to have the windows sorted now but dont want to be locked out of the car again!!!!!

Thanks for any help

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You dont have to change a Battery to have trouble with your key fob and being locked out of the vehicle!!!

I have had this problem for the last two days and hadn't done anything to the car! (2007 is220d)

I had to enter it like you did - key fob still not recognised - couldnt reset the alarm and after advice from Bolton Lexus and the AA managed to start the car by holding the fob against the start button. (apparently this is in the manual but I only found this today on page 365!!!)

Lexus said that the fob can be affected by nearby radio waves and advised me to drive the vehicle some distance and that the fob would reset itself (it has rolling radio codes?) - absoluetly no joy - Rang Lexus back and they advised to fit new batteries in both fobs and fingers crossed the car is OK.

It's been very frustrating and I have really questioned the "quick start button" - oh for a car with an old fashioned key!!

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The windows are an easy fix.

If you disconnect the Battery, loose power, or even disconnect the window switches, when you put the power back on (new Battery for example)you need to let each individual window right down and then right back up from each windows individual swith. Then you will have them all working normal again from the drivers door controls.


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